Baseball and Softball Calendar


Baseball - Coach Rich Tetlow (

         July through September


Softball - Coach Kevin Oster (

          July through septembet


Cheer - Coach Jenny Johnson (

          currently practicing through February 2019


Girls Basketball - Coach Pete Howard (

         mid-September through December


Boys Basketball - Coach Pete Howard (

          mid-October through February


Girls Volleyball - Coach Dave Collom ( and

                           Coach Stephanie Collom (

          mid-December through February


Boys Volleyball - Coach Pete Howard (

          February and March


Track - Coach Roberta Cronholm ( and

            Coach Trish Hodock (

          April and May


Taft Athletic Department


Baseball - Coach Rich Tetlow (

           try out: July 30, 2018; 3-4:30 p.m. at Dellwood Park

           uniform fee: $40 - shirt, hat, & socks (pants and belt provided)

There is NO transportation to and from games this year!


Softball - Coach Kevin Oster (

          try out: July 23, 2018; 5-6:30 p.m. at Dellwood Park

          uniform fee: $20 - visor, belt, & socks (jersey provided)

          black pants purchased separately by student

There is NO transportation to and from games this year!






Sports physical MUST be on file in the school office for student to be eligible to try out. The physical is valid for one year and one month, so some from last year may still be good.


Sports fee = $50 per sport


Some sports have an additional, required uniform fee. 

Coach Howard

Contact information:


Girls Basketball Coach

Boys Basketball Coach

Boys Volleyball Coach