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National STEM Day

On Nov. 8, CITGO brought together educators, students and members of its staff to Lockport Township High School’s East Campus to participate in hands-on activities and live demonstrations that showcased the real-world applications of these subjects in honor of 2017 National STEM Day. 


Several Taft students were kind enough to volunteer their time to lead a station. Ben Baker, Matt Kamjowicz, Leah Panozzo, Allison Peloso, Ben Ryan, and JoJo Zaragoza led a stem challenge activity that encouraged participants to build a model moon lander out of every day items. Participants were given straws, index cards, card stock, a paper cup, and tape to build a lunar lander that kept two astronauts (marshmallows) safe when dropped from a certain distance. The volunteers built models of their own, handed out materials, offered suggestions and feed back, and helped the audience test their final products. 


In addition, several Taft scientists were fortunate enough to visit other stations during the event. The kids had a chance to see a 3D printer, giant Lite Brite, each liquid nitrogen ice cream, dissect a cow eye, play with robots and so much more! It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces come out for such an incredible opportunity.