Mrs. Piszczor’s Kinder-Bee Classroom Newsletter

Our eighteenth weekly newsletter is here!! In these newsletters, I will give an overview of what will be covered each week in language arts, writing, math & any other important topics or dates. I will include any important dates or reminders at the beginning followed by what we will be doing this week.  

Important Reminders:

  • Monday, January 29th: KidStuff Coupon Books (unwanted) and money is due MONDAY! J Remember 50% of the proceeds go directly to TAFT! Woo!
  • Wednesday, January 31st: Kindergarten’s 100th Day of School! Please see note on page 2 about some of the activities and ways you can help us celebrate!
  • Thursday, February 8th: Kindergarten Graduation Photos! I know.. I can’t believe it either! L
  • Wednesday, February 14th: Valentine’s Day Celebration! Keep an eye for an email including making a valentine box & passing out valentines from me soon.
  • Homework: Homework packets will be sent home Monday of this week & are to be returned completed Friday.  Homework packets will contain practice sheets for what is being covered in the classroom including reading (letters), writing and math skills. And please remember do a page a night with your child, not for your child.  Thank you! J
  • Sight Word Lists: Sight word lists 1 & 2 went home Curriculum Night.  Please be practicing those words with your child nightly & make it fun! When your child has mastered a list, send it in to me and I will test them and return a list the same/next day. 


    Our Week at a Glance

    Fundations- We will begin with Unit 2, Week 3 which is continuing our focus on writing letters and introducing the correct formation of all uppercase letters and alphabetical order.  We will be writing all 26 uppercase and lowercase letters during this time.  Weekly pages will come home that correlate to what we are learning in the classroom.  Please help your student with their upcoming pages nightly and return Friday.


    Language Arts- We will continue our reading & comprehension skills, phonics, letter recognition, handwriting, vocabulary, phonological awareness and high-frequency words in our whole group setting. Please read with your child nightly!


    Math- This week we will continue unit 5 which is learning numbers 0-20.  We have covered 0-10 as of now and each topic will introduce the next consecutive number from 11-20 and we will learn to count, read and write each number. We will also look at place value in this unit up to the tens place. There will be a unit test next week!


    Social Studies/Science-  None



  • Library on Friday!


100th Day of School Celebration!

Wednesday, January 31st is kindergarten’s 100th day of school and I am so excited to celebrate this with my class! On the 100th day students are encouraged to dress as if they were 100 years old! Lots of walkers and gray-haired kids I bet I will see!!

We will make 100th day hats, paint 100 dots, see how many times students can write their names in 100 seconds and make a 100th day trail mix!

This is where some parent participation is needed! I need each child to bring in a trail mix item in original packaging* to share by TUESDAY, January 30th so it can be checked by the nurse.  This can be cheerios, M&Ms, popcorn, Cheez-its, Goldfish, mini marshmallows, Chex cereal, raisins, pretzels, chocolate chips, Fruit Loops, etc.  Students will choose 10 different food items and count out 10 of each so they can make a 100th day 100 item trail mix for a fun time snack! Please email me the item you will be providing and let’s try for whole class participation to make this a memorable 100th Day!

*Items must be manufactured in the USA or Canada to be approved by Nurse Campbell and please NO peanut/nuts.