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Junior High- Ms. Irving

Welcome Back


To tell you a little about myself, I graduated from Illinois State University as an English Education major in December 2016. I completed my student teaching in Naperville District 204 teaching 8th grade. I also filled a one-year position last year in 204 teaching 8th grade Language Arts and History. Fun fact- I actually spent my entire college career in college level classrooms. After earning my Middle School Endorsement during my last year of college, I decided to take a leap of faith and try out middle school for my student teaching experience. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I quickly discovered my love for this age group and knew I was meant to teach at the middle school level. Also, I grew up and still currently live in Homer Glen, so the drive to Taft is much easier than my previous commute! I went to Oak Prairie Junior High and still have fond memories of playing basketball on the well-known stage basketball court.

As a middle school teacher, something that I really have found important for everyone to remember is that we are all on the same team. Your child’s success, happiness, and growth means just as much to me.  I will always do everything I can to help them achieve their goals and will not hesitate to provide any additional support based on individual needs. Every student is different in their learning process and I will always make sure each student is given equal opportunities to reach their full potential.

For both parents and students, my door is always open. Please don’t hesitate to reach out or encourage your child to come to me if they’re struggling in class or outside of class. I am always happy and willing to talk with you through email or on the phone.

I’m beyond eager to go on this journey and continue to get to know each of these incredible individuals that I am so lucky to have walk through my classroom door every day. I am looking forward to meeting and speaking with each of you in the future and to an amazing school year! Again, please feel free to reach out to me any time.


Miss Irving