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Taft Vision and Goals Statements

March 28, 2017

*Approved by the Board of Education April 27, 2017*

Student Achievement/Curriculum

Vision:  Provide Students with current resources (both text and technological) and the curriculum needed to achieve a standard of growth for high school and beyond.


1. Utilize all material and curriculum with ongoing teacher training and professional development. 

2. Assess students and utilize data for decision-making practices. 

Programs and Services

Vision: Provide students access to programs and services that complement their learning needs as well as provide equity within the District.


1. Determine needs of students and identify programs/services to match, including gifted/talented and STEM programming 

2. Develop a financial plan to support implementation/maintenance of services and programs


Vision: Provide Taft learning community with a physical plant, including surroundings that represent a clean, positive, and safe environment.


1. Establish facility priorities, projects, and timeframes to accomplish tasks.

2.. Review personnel and equipment to achieve optimal maintenance of facilities. 

3. Create and communicate protocol and procedures for the use of the facility by community groups. 

District Finances

Vision: Maintain a balanced budget, supporting educational and extracurricular needs as well as adequate funding to support  facility requirements. 


1. Develop a financial plan for fiscal longevity

2. Create and maintain a plan for fiscal awareness and district implications at the local, state, and federal levels. 

Community/District Relations

Vision: Communicate and elicit positive district relations while enhancing existing community partnerships in support of Taft School District 90.


1. Students, staff and/or administration have an active presence and participation at community events. 

2. Maintain and foster open communication and professional relationships among Taft School District community partners. 


The following core values/beliefs (within specific categories) were "common" values/beliefs expressed by attendees at the Taft SD 90 "Goal Setting Workshop".

Students and Learning (We believe that...)

  • Students should have equal educational opportunities

  • Students should be taught to best meet their individual needs.

  • Students should be provided with a quality education.


Teachers and Teaching (We believe that...)

  • Teachers are life-long learners and are accountable for their teaching. 

  • Teachers should have access to current instructional material.

  • Teachers should assess and deliver instructions to reach all styles of learning.

Responsibility of the Schools to the Community and the Community to the Schools (We believe that...)

  • Communication between the community and schools are necessary and accomplished through involvement and equal partnership.

  • The community entrusts its resources to the schools to provide a financially-stable environment to empower 21st century learners for our community. 

  • Schools provide the community with an education for all children.

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